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If you suffer from hoarseness, if you feel any discomfort in your throat, or if speaking simply feels exhausting, just contact me! 

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Specializing in voice disorders, I have been treating for over 20 years

functional voice disorders

feeling of lumpiness,
compulsive throat clearing,
vocal fatigue,
vocal strain

organic voice disorders

Vocal nodules,
vocal fold edema,
vocal fold paralysis
chronic irritation due to reflux

psychogenic voice disorders

Hoarseness without increased
Speech load



what is disturbing your voice?


we restore the vitality of your voice
be sure and speak out:

be sure and speak out:

use your stable voice confidently

Why me

Logopädie Bonn - Susanne Koch

Susanne Koch is the owner of the “Studio für Stimme und Entfaltung” (“Studio for Voice and Development”) and the “Private Stimmpraxis” (“Private Practice for Voice Therapy”), situated near the river Rhine with a beautiful view on it. Formerly she also set up the “Practice for Breath, Voice and Speech” in Bonn, which she owned 2002-2020.

A continual quest for new knowledge, an unconditional empathy and decades of professional experience make Susanne one of the leading voice therapists in Germany.

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